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By November 21, 2016Character Design, News

Today I am super excited to share with you the beginning of the writing career of my son Avery. He is in the process of diligently documenting the world of Elrothiél, a fantasy land of his own creation. He is a few chapters into writing the book and we’ve started working on flushing out the characters visually. Most of the ideas are scribbled in sketchbooks over a scoop of Bemidji’s finest ice cream. However, we were so enthralled with this character Maiglen, that we decided to take the sketches a bit further. The following is a short bio of the character Maiglen, written by Avery.

“Maiglen is the lord of the elven lands of Gilthoniel Tîwele. He is a very wise and deadly leader who is many years old. He has been in many battles that he is used to the different weight on one side with his sword that he wears it everywhere. He also appears in the book of the Sorrow’s Touch when he meets with Aaron who is a wizard. The Sorrow’s Touch is not published yet, but is still in the making.”


It has been great fun creating with him, and I cherish the look in his eyes when we visually bring his characters to life. Keep an eye out for more characters to come from Avery’s book.

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