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Blackridge Oil Paintings

By November 28, 2016News

My work is now officially in the coolest building ever.

The Return of Oil Painting

Oil painting is simply a brilliant yet frustrating endeavor. I honestly haven’t approached working in oils very much over the years. Honestly, I haven’t taken the medium seriously since school. I really enjoyed the medium in school but I found that pencil and watercolor worked better for my purposes. Last year I had the opportunity to jump into the medium again. Excitement and anxiety surrounded jumping back into this medium. Over the years I have enjoyed building up paintings with 1000+ super thin layers. Obviously, this doesn’t translate well to oils so I honestly had to change my approach tremendously. You know me, I can’t seem to just do things the normal way so I didn’t end up painting on canvas. I wanted to try my take on drawing, laying down some values in acrylic washes, and then oil painting over that. Thank you to my patron Mark for being such an encouragement to me and my family.  Here’s to more oil painting in the future.

blackridge-financial-fargo-inc3-1024x683 blackridge-financial-fargo-inc7-1024x683blackridge-financial-fargo-inc23-1024x683blackridge-financial-fargo-inc1-1024x683blackridge-financial-fargo-inc17-1024x683

The following are some in-progress shots of the project. This ranges from sketches, drawings, inking, and oils. Enjoy!


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